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Re-key locks

If you have shifted to a new home or a workplace, re-key locks can be the significant step to enhance the security level around your premises. If this place was frequently rented out, you are never sure that how many spare keys are circulating around without your notice. It can be a serious threat to the safety of you, your loved ones and your pricey belongings. The old tenant, who has a spare key, decides to come back and pay you a visit. Obviously, you do not want this, but the complete replacement of all the hardware may cost you a lot of money. In shifting the place, your finances may already be running low. So, this may not be a workable option.

To resolve this problem, car locksmith near me has brought the best, economical substitute of rekeying. In the procedure of rekeying, the same old locks are modified. Every lock has a very specific pin arrangement that is according to the key’s grooves. These pins are in pairs, in which the upper pins are fixed while the lower ones are removable.


The position of lower pins is changeable. In the rekey, the pins are set according to the pattern of new keys. Thus, the old keys will not work and the lock cannot be accessed with it. This is a simple method but has countless benefits. We own all of the important tools that are required for the task, such as the rekey kits and screwdrivers. We possess the kits from all of the lock manufacturers and are always well stocked. Since, we drive to your location in the well-equipped locksmith vans, all of the tools are available right there. The Automotive Locksmiths are the specialists of the vehicular security, but they are also echoes of rekey lock. 


A single kit can work on as much as 6 locks. This is why; it gives a great value for your money. The locks become just like new ones with this service, but it is equally important that it must be done with great care. The individuals can end up ruining the performance of the lock. If you want to refurbish the lock completely and enjoy the enhanced performance, we are the people to call on the site. As a premier locksmith organization, our re-key locks service is reliable. If the emergency situation occurs, you can contact us to provide an immediate service. For example, if you have been a victim of the burglary, rekey can minimize the chances of such an incident again. 

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